Why should I have counselling?

There’s no one answer to the question, just as no two people are the same.  Maybe you’re struggling with a dilemma and have no-one to turn to.  Perhaps you are suffering from stress or anxiety.  Or it could be that you’re wondering why things seem so flat, and want to re-assess.  We can talk things through confidentially, in a way that will clarify your thinking, your feelings and your options.

Many people question whether counselling can help: “Why dredge all that stuff up?” However, the benefits are well-established, and have been demonstrated in many scientific studies.  On average, eight out of ten people will feel better after counselling. You can read a client testimonial here.

There are many different approaches to counselling, and it is important to find a counsellor that you feel comfortable with.  This might include choosing someone whose approach fits with your beliefs and values.  My counselling method is integrative transpersonal.  ‘Integrative’ means that I will employ different approaches to suit your needs, including psychodynamic, Gestalt and Somatic Experiencing – to use a few technical terms!  ‘Transpersonal’ includes that which is more than individual – including society, the biosphere and spirituality. We cannot answer all of our problems by looking only at ourselves as individuals and at our past history; we also need to consider meaning, purpose and connection to others.

‘Counselling’ and ‘psychotherapy’ are words that can be used interchangeably for talk-based therapy.  My approach is to assess your situation and agree with you how we will work together, whether for a limited period or in an open-ended way.  The depth and extent of the work will depend on your needs and willingness.

Most of my clients work with me long-term.