About me

Counselling is not about me, but about you. For this reason, many people would rather not know much about their counsellor, and if that’s you, then there’s no need to read any of what follows.

But if you do need some information, I hope what’s here will help you to decide whether I’m someone that you would like to speak to. There are links to some blog pieces I’ve written on particular subjects.

I trained as a counsellor at the Re-Vision Centre in London, qualifying in 2014. In 2018 I will complete a three-year training in Somatic Experiencing, a method of body-oriented psychotherapy. My busy private counselling practice is based in Lewes and Brighton – as of Spring 2018 I have completed over 2,500 hours of one-to-one client work.

Eastern_Philosophy_Kevin_BurnsPersonal and Work Life
The father of two grown-up children and a baby daughter, I’ve lived in Sussex since 2003. My first degree was in English Literature from St Catherine’s College, Oxford and I find literature, dance and other arts useful in my work. In 1996 I founded a sport events company which I ran for nearly 20 years, giving me useful understanding of the world of work and people. I’m a fan of Liverpool Football Club. I’m the founder and joint co-ordinator of the Psychedelic Society of Brighton, which campaigns for the regulated use of psychedelic substances in a therapeutic context.

Eastern Philosophy
I’ve had a life-long interest in Indian philosophy and spirituality. In 2003 I wrote a book on Eastern Philosophy (right), published in the UK and US. I believe that my work as a counsellor is enhanced by the work I’ve done in exploring these forms of thought and spirituality. At the same time, it’s important to stay grounded in one’s own tradition and to have that as a starting point.

If you would like to read more, see my blog.